WordPress Websites

services-wp-websitesWe love working with WordPress websites and have made it our niche! WordPress allows us to offer our clients exciting features that once would have required hours of custom coding. Best of all, its backend dashboard makes it easy for you to edit your content yourself. Remember when you had to call a web developer just to change a line of text, add a photo or update a schedule on your web pages? Making these changes with WordPress is as easy as updating your social media accounts or sending an email.

Sometimes we hear from prospective clients who want a new website but haven’t yet thought about hosting, designing a logo, or exactly how much content is required to fill pages and attract visitors with effective SEO. Tell us about your project and we’ll prepare a custom web package for you with extra options available, such as web hosting, photography, copywriting, or e-commerce capability.

If you already have a WordPress website and just need some help with implementing a new theme or making customisations, learn more about our WordPress support services or get in touch today!

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