About Us


ZPMNL was founded in Amsterdam in 2011 by an out-of-work magazine designer from NYC.

At the time, magazine work was getting harder to come by, so I started this company to put my design and editorial skills to use in helping businesses create print marketing materials. By 2013, I was getting more requests for web design than print work. I rolled up my sleeves and spent many late nights learning to design and code custom WordPress websites in order to expand the services I could offer my clients. After a few years in London, ZPMNL is once again based in Amsterdam as of 2023.

With over 20 years of experience in magazine publishing and media marketing in NYC, Los Angeles, London, and Amsterdam, I find that creating marketing materials for my business clients comes pretty close to the fun I had designing, editing and writing for magazines. My work benefits from the same skills I honed over the years: clever content creation, graphic design, pre-press production, project management, keeping to strict deadlines and a strong work ethic.

Over the years, bigger projects required more hands on deck, so the ZPMNL team steadily grew to include professional freelance photographers, copywriters, and other digital design/marketing wizards who regularly contribute their skills. As our client, you benefit from the years we’ve put into building a great network and you can count on us to handle every aspect of your marketing project.


What does ZPMNL stand for?
When I started this company and needed a name, I wanted to include the idea of a “dark horse” — the unknown contender who pulls ahead from the rear of the pack, wins the race and surprises everyone. Being new in Amsterdam I thought it would be good to have a Dutch name, but “dark horse” just didn’t sound as nice in Dutch. The lengthy “Zwart Paard Mediadiensten” (Black Horse Media Services) was chosen and served as the company name for years.

In practice, however, I always did business with my clients in English (my native language), so in 2015 I shortened the name to just ZPMNL. It was already this website’s URL — ZPMNL.com — and much easier to pronounce!

How many people work on your team?
That all depends on what’s needed for your particular project. When you hire us, you’re hiring a hand-picked team of professionals with experience working together to efficiently get the job done!
What are your rates?
Tell us about your project and we’ll put together a customised proposal outlining your services, costs, and next steps. We do custom work and really make the effort to understand your business, your audience and your goals — consider us part of your team!

If you’re shopping around for the cheapest price, we’d recommend you start with Wix or Squarespace, or find a designer/developer on Fiverr. When you’re ready to scale up to a professional, custom website or sleek print marketing materials, or you want to work with someone local to London, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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