Cobine Carmelson Insurance Website

Project Details

Deliverables: Website design and build, photo editing
Client: Cobine Carmelson

The look and feel of the Cobine Carmelson website is welcoming, friendly and trustworthy at the same time. They wanted a look that would appeal to a range of clients including entrepreneurs, small businesses and established start-ups, not too corporate.

They initially came to us with a WordPress website that was already 10 years old. They had been steadily adding content over the years, both pages and blog posts, and even had some doubles. I re-organized the content, combining several pages with little text into an organised presentation that is more intuitive for visitors. Links to more than 40 different types of insurance were collected onto one overview page, as well as testimonials and PDF downloads which had previously been sprinkled throughout the the many pages of the old website.

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