Poster Gallery

Project Details

Design and layout: Yes
Photo editing: Yes

Some are simple, some are crazy fun, but every poster design is a unique challenge! This page shows a gallery of some posters we’ve designed for clients.

Aratis Groep poster

This poster design was commissioned by the Aratis Groep to be professionally printed, framed and hung at their offices in Rotterdam. We provided a number of variations on the layout to choose from.

Tripel Bier Cafe: World Cup Party poster

This poster was designed to promote a World Cup Party at Tripel Belgische Bier Cafe in Amsterdam. The poster design needed to incorporate both a sports bar look together with a punk rock flyer vibe. The large white text is easy to read from far away in a dim bar. We delivered versions of the poster for web and print in various sizes.

Polymermarketplace poster

The main purpose of this poster is to hang up in and around the Polymermarketplace booth at trade shows around the world. The look echoes the colors and imagery used throughout their marketing materials for quick recognition and the text is large enough to be seen from far away.

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