Roller Banners Gallery

Project Details

Design and layout: Yes
Photo editing: Yes
Print production: Yes

With shared co-working office spaces becoming more popular, roller banners are a common request from clients in order to personalize their space. They are still an old “standby” for convention booths too! Meant to be viewed from a few feet away, large-format print production requires a different approach to images, layout and text than print publishing design. We designed the layout and produced pre-press documents according to the printer’s specs for all of these.

TM O’Mullane Associates roller banner

This two-meter roller banner was designed for TM O’Mullane Associates, chartered surveyors and property advisers in Essex, UK. The banner’s colors match the website design and the shapes echo the logo.

Apexure roller banner

Specializing in landing pages and sales funnels, Essex-based company Apexure needed a roller banner to catch the eyes of prospective clients when they appear at business events. Standing two meters tall, this roller banner design features the Apexure logo, a selection of screenshots from some of their work, and a look and feel that echoes that of their own website.

Polymermarketplace roller banners

These Polymermarketplace roller banners mark their territory at trade shows around the world. The look echoes the colors and imagery used throughout their marketing materials for quick recognition and the text is large enough to be seen from far away.

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