Dierenparadijs Pet Shop Website

Project Details

Logo: No
Website design and build: Yes
Photography: Adam Szuly
Photo selection and editing: Yes
Copywriting: Yes

Dierenparadijs is a pet supply store in Amsterdam that needed a new multi-language website complete with all-new content. I designed and built this custom WordPress website while keeping the same colors, style and logo from their old HTML site. Together with photos from an on-site shoot by Adam Szuly Photography and translation of my English copywriting to Dutch by Jaap le Poole, I produced this website including: assembling a team, project management, design, custom CSS coding, photo editing and copywriting.

UPDATE: After more than 80 years of serving pet owners in De Pijp, Dierenparadijs closed its doors permanently in late 2020. The website is now offline but you can still see it for reference by clicking the button below.

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