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09 Jul 2014

New Services: Photography and 3D Animation

We’ve teamed up with Radnomized and Adam Szuly Photography, and we’re thrilled to welcome these two new members to our gang!

Zwart Paard Mediadiensten now offers even more content and marketing services to effectively get your message to your target audience. When you hire us for your marketing projects, there’s no need to lose time looking elsewhere for motion graphics, 3D animation, product videos, portraits, on-site photography and product photography.

As always, we offer complete websites with customized WordPress themes, photo editing and logo design, copywriting in native English or native Dutch and translation in Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German.

Launch your webshop with great product photos and SEO descriptions, or add a video to your website to show customers what your product can do! We want to be a part of your growing success, so contact us today to tell us about your project and find out how we can help!

See more from Adam Szuly Photography at

03 Jul 2014

VVEmanager Product Marketing

Following its recent launch, the VVEmanager online app needed marketing materials to get the word out to VvE’s all over Holland. In June 2014, Zwart Paard Mediadiensten worked with VVEmanager to deliver media assets for print and web.

VVEmanager is designed to make it easy for VvE’s (Verenigingen van Eigenaars/ Homeowners’ Associations) to track and manage finances and planned maintenance while facilitating communication between members. Keeping in line with the tone and aesthetic of their existing website, we designed and delivered:

• pre-press documents for a full-color print flyer
• two complete sets of web banners in various sizes using two simple, text-based designs for A/B testing
• custom templates for invoices and PowerPoint presentations

Zwart Paard Mediadiensten also produced an informative Dutch-language product video for the VVEmanager app in collaboration with Radnomized.

If you’re launching a new product or business, or simply want to give your business a boost, contact us today to discuss how we can help you market your product, service or brand through multi-media assets. Find out how exciting it can be to see your ideas come to life in a customized product video!

09 May 2014

More Sales Through Improved Product Descriptions

We often see webshops that offer a fantastic selection of products, but the product pages are nearly empty, offering no information about the product besides its name and maybe the color and size. With little to no text on the page, customers will have a hard time finding these products when searching online, and if they do happen to stumble upon your pages, they won’t be especially persuaded to take the plunge and add to cart.

Imagine if each product page in your webshop included at least few sentences describing the item in everyday language and mentioning the keywords that customers are searching for. You’re likely to have a lot of competition in online searches so it’s important to include text that helps direct customers right to you, whether they’re searching by location, brand names or a specific type of shoe horn.

When you’re running a brick-and-mortar store, it isn’t easy to find the time to keep your online shop updated as well. Zwart Paard Mediadiensten can write SEO product category text and detailed product descriptions for your e-commerce website, so you can focus on serving your customers! We can fill in text on your existing webshop or help you build one from scratch. Our copywriters have years of experience in writing for e-commerce websites and proven success in improving search engine rankings.

Write to us at to find out how we can help you improve your webshop and sell more products through well-written product descriptions by a native speaker in English or Dutch, with translation available in Spanish, French and German.

20 Apr 2014

French and German Translation Now Available

Beginning in May 2014, Zwart Paard Mediadiensten now offers copywriting and translation in German and French. The newest member of our team is a native German speaker with a background in legal translations between French, German and English.

Now ZPM can offer our clients content and translations in English, Dutch, Spanish, German and French. Adding content to your website in other languages can open up a whole new market for your business. Consider upgrading your website to a multi-language site that can attract customers who are searching online in either language!

Contact us at or use the form on our contact page to get started on a custom multi-language website for your business!