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13 Apr 2016

The New ZPMNL Website: You’re Lookin’ At It!

Being too busy with work to update your own business website is certainly a luxury problem! Far too much time had passed since we’d added new projects, and our website that had looked spiffy and new two years ago was looking a bit dated. So welcome to our newly redesigned and updated website!

If your website is looking a little tired or you just don’t have the time to update it, get in touch with us. We’d love to help you give your site a facelift too!

29 Aug 2014

A pretty website for Ballettschule Feldmann

ZPM had a lot of fun creating this responsive website in German and English for Ballettschule Feldmann, a ballet school in Weiden in der Oberpfalz (Germany). We built a custom WordPress theme for this website and provided photo editing and SEO. Our copywriting team wrote the text in German and also translated it for English speakers in Weiden who want to take ballet lessons.

Here at Zwart Paard Mediadiensten we love to work with small businesses, and we’re willing to become experts on your brand or products! We not only design WordPress websites and offer expert photo editing — we can deliver all the text you need, written by native speakers in English, Dutch, Spanish, German or French. Get in touch with us at to tell us about your project and find out how we can help you grow your business!




03 Jul 2014

VVEmanager Product Marketing

Following its recent launch, the VVEmanager online app needed marketing materials to get the word out to VvE’s all over Holland. In June 2014, Zwart Paard Mediadiensten worked with VVEmanager to deliver media assets for print and web.

VVEmanager is designed to make it easy for VvE’s (Verenigingen van Eigenaars/ Homeowners’ Associations) to track and manage finances and planned maintenance while facilitating communication between members. Keeping in line with the tone and aesthetic of their existing website, we designed and delivered:

• pre-press documents for a full-color print flyer
• two complete sets of web banners in various sizes using two simple, text-based designs for A/B testing
• custom templates for invoices and PowerPoint presentations

Zwart Paard Mediadiensten also produced an informative Dutch-language product video for the VVEmanager app in collaboration with Radnomized.

If you’re launching a new product or business, or simply want to give your business a boost, contact us today to discuss how we can help you market your product, service or brand through multi-media assets. Find out how exciting it can be to see your ideas come to life in a customized product video!